Articulating Emblems

Understanding Emblems
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Emblems are an ERC-20 asset that provide block reward bonuses to Overline miners that stake them. Emblems are the first coin to exist on one blockchain and have a tangible effect on another.

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Comparing Emblems
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Mined?Like Bitcoin, the Overline network is mined by a network of people around the world dedicating their compuational resources to both securing and processing the network. Mined coins are the most decentralized, secure, and fairly distributed.
Live Exchange Platform?Overline itself is essentially one large crosschain exchange. For ease of use, we built an exchange interface called the Interchange. The Interchange is far for than just a concept, it is a live functioning platform, and the only one of it's kind.
Utility Outside of Native Network?Emblems are currently the only cryptocurrency asset capable of existing on one chain and having utility on an entirely separate chain. While Emblems exist on the Ethereum chain, they are used to control inflation and block sizing on the Overline chain.
Expandable Feature List?Only a very small fraction of the functionality of Emblems are known already. With the ability of their utility to transcend accross chains there is near limitless potential to their utlity and function.
Dual Token Economy?Emblems are unique in that they have a harmonious relationship with Overline's native mined cryptocurrency OL. All actions on the Overline chain can be expressed in OL, including collateralizing trades. EMB determines how much OL a miner wins per block mined. As demand grows for OL, EMB becomes more valuable to miners.

Articulating Emblems
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DeFi "Index Fund"
With Emblems, you are betting on the growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With more trading volume, demand for Overline (OL) grows, making Emblems more valuable to miners.
The Pilot Token
Emblems are an ERC-20 Token on Ethereum and a Utility Coin on Overline. Emblems provide utility and control on the Overline network, from the security and resilience of the Ethereum protocol.
Volatility Hedge
Similar to owners of exchanges like Nasdaq or the NYSE, Emblems become more valuable as more trades are conducted on the Overline network. More volatility, more value.
Revenue Generation
Emblems are valuable outside of simply holding the asset. Emblem owners can lend out EMB for a price to miners who want the extra OL, or they can simply mine themselves and can sell additional mining rewards.
The General Store
Merchants, not gold miners, were the consistent winner of the gold rush because their business relied on traffic, not getting lucky on mining claims. Emblem leasing provides owners value without having to mine.
Mining Booster
Through staking Emblems to their rigs, miners are granted synthetic mining power in the form of increased block rewards, making their existing equipment more profitable.
Betting On Free Trade
A purchase of Emblems is a bet on personal, independent finance in support of evolving past legacy financial systems. Trade is inevitable, but free trade is a choice
Early Adopter
Emblems allow you to capture more of the representative value of the entire digital finance space before the game board has been set.
Digital Landowner
Emblems are pre-built with a function permitting them to be leased to parties interested in using the other EMB features, without requiring you to sell them. Like a land owner renting out their property.

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